The Middle East Art

Lola M. is a curator of the Contemporary Middle East Art living in New York. Lola holds a master's degree from the Bard College developing her professional interests in the field of the Middle East Art and its integrity into the global community. In addition to that, she has travelled a lot in order to learn how to deploy different techniques of representation and exposition into the curatorial practice with the regard to the eastern tradition of the exhibition's organizational process.
Lola M. is also an expert of the Middle East Department recently opened in the Tate Gallery in London. She helps artists from that region get discovered and acknowledged by the public.
Lola M.'s first project was dedicated to the representation of the art works of the Lebanon artist Etel Adnani, who escaped from her country in the beginning of her career and later settled down in New York, creating paintings and poems, based on the ancient and rich cultural heritage of the Middle East.
Lola M. curates and co-curates many exhibitions of the contemporary art, including provocative and prohibited later exhibitions "Atomic bomb is a feminist!" and "Pussy Riot 2.0".
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